Certified Declaration

– Its aim is to establish a personal right (whether between the parties by mutual consent) or (between persons and institutions), in order to facilitate and facilitate the affairs of the individual, to speed up the mechanism of work, to realize the purpose of recognition, and to fulfill human rights in knowledge and implementation thereof. The types of declarations are: – Acknowledgment of indebtedness _ Acknowledgment of residence _ Acknowledgment of signature approval _ Acknowledgment of guarantee _ Acknowledgment of non-work _ Acknowledgment of receipt of money _ Acknowledgment of innocence _ Acknowledgment under oath _ Acknowledgment of waiver of a “case, complaint, shares, trademark, and others.” – In addition to limiting putting the seal of the executive formula to some papers, for example: (acknowledgment / acknowledgment of indebtedness _ acknowledgment of receipt of an amount) as an executive document, and after that, urgent claims are accepted.

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