Family Laws

Personal Status/Family Laws: We provide legal opinions on personal status/family matters by applying Islamic Law (Sharia) on the following cases: Divorce, Custody, Maintenance, Khola (Divorce of wife for consideration payable by her), Visitation, Lineage. Even when the nationalities of the spouses are different, the work team can effectively deal with the case owing to their high experience and knowledge in handling such cases before competent courts. Due to the unique nature of personal status/family cases and resultant unfavorable consequences of delay in deciding about them, we strive to avoid all that lead to such delay in settling the dispute. Thus, we set eye on getting a conclusive decision in the case at the earliest. Needless to say that good case preparation and support with lawful and legal references, will enable the court to grasp all the factual, lawful & legal aspects of the dispute, hende, decide about it in a short span of time to the interest of our client.

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